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Groundset Flagpoles

We offer high-quality 1-piece fiberglass flagpoles that are proudly made in New Hampshire by Zeus Flagpoles. Fiberglass flagpoles are available for residential and commerical use and are offered in white, bronze, or black. All poles come complete with accessories; the gold aluminum ball, revolving truck, halyard, snaps, cleat, fiberglass flash collar, ground sleeve and instructions.


Residential flagpoles are available in 15, 20, and 25 feet. The lightweight characteristics of fiberglass make it easy for a homeowner to install. Read more...

Commercial flagpoles are available in sizes from 20 to 100 feet with both internal or external halyard systems. Yardarms and gaffs are available as well. Fiberglass flagpoles are perfect for a business because they are virtually maintenance free. They are rust proof, non-corrosive, strong and durable. Read more...

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-Thomas Dutil

Outrigger Flagpoles

Aluminum Display Poles

Aluminum anti-furl poles are available in 5' and 6' with a white painted or wood grain finish and come with 2 flag fasteners and a gold ball top. These poles are composed to two sections and the top of the pole rotates on ball bearings so the flag won't tangle. All models fit one-inch diameter brackets. Read More...


Fiberglass Display Poles

Fiberglass pole sets are available in white and black with a silver or brass acorn top. Includes a 6' 1-piece pole, slip-fit acorn top and a set of white or black NeverFurls®. The NeverFurl® device allows each rotator to work independently with the wind by moving up and down and rotating around the pole to prevent flag wrapping.